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“Watermelon disease”should be protected in summer

  New York Daily News reported that Bin Laden has get renal failure when he is alive. His wife told the police in Pakistan that Bin laden eat a lot of watermelon everyday to discharge toxin in body.

  Many people think watermelon can help prevent renal failure. However,this is a commonsense mistake. Expert Wang in our hospital said that discharge more urine after having watermelon does not means more toxin is discharged. The volume of discharged toxin depends on renal function. Have too much many watermelon in summer may increase burden of kidney and get “watermelon disease”.

  Enteritis is also a common “water melon disease” in summer. The watermelon may get colon bacillus it is put for long time after broken. Many people like to put watermelon in freezer to cold it in summer,but there are so many bacteria in it and some bacteria are still active in low temperate. So some people who eat iced watermelon in summer have the possibility to get enteritis.

  Pregnant women who eat many watermelon may get diabetes. Some pregnant women have bad appetite and they only like to have watermelon,so they eat so much one time. Expert in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital said this is not a good thing. The metabolic capability of women who are in gestation period is weaker than usual,so lots of glucose in watermelon can’t be digested. Then their blood glucose will rise or they may get diabetes.

  So experts advise that renal disease patients、pregnant women or people whose stomach and guts are bad should have less watermelon,especially iced watermelon.

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