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How to prevent and nurse diabetic nephropathy?


  The preventions of diabetic nephropathy is very important ,the common preventions include the following aspects :

  1)The course of diabetic nephropathy is more than 5 years ,so patients should regular check the renal function ,urine protein quantitation ,the quantitation of 24 hours urine protein and should pay attention to measure the blood pressure and take fundus examinations

  2)If there is condition should take the urine micro protein determination and β2-microglobulin measure in order to early find the diabetic nephropathy .If the urine micro protein increase should measure 3 times within 3-6 months to ensure whether there is continuous microalbuminuria

  3)If determined to trace albumin increased ,and eliminate other reasons that can let it increase ,such as urinary tract infection ,sport ,primary high blood pressure should be heightened alertness .And should pay attention to control the blood glucose and make it normal .If the blood pressure is 18.7/12kPa should actively control the blood pressure and maintain the blood pressure into normal .At the same time ,patients should have a low salt and low protein diet ,the protein should be given priority to with high quality protein .


  Diabetic nephropathy often occur in middle-aged people ,the course of the illness is more than 10 years ,the illness probability of man is higher than women ,20-30% of the diabetic patients will suffer from diabetic nephropathy .Patients with retinopathy lesion and heart and cerebral vessels will easy to occur diabetic nephropathy .

  Diabetic nephropathy is the important reasons of cause renal failure and end-stage kidney disease ,type one and type two diabetic nephropathy patients can suffer from disease .If the blood glucose cannot control well ,the risk of diabetic nephropathy will increase.In addition,high blood pressure and hyperlipemia is also the dangerous factors of causing diabetic nephropathy ,high blood pressure can also aggravate illness .

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