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A healthy diet for diabetic nephropathy patients in spring

  How do diabetic nephropathy patients keep on a healthy diet in spring? Diabetic nephropathy is one of a complication of diabetes in last-stage,so patients should not only notice their diabetes but also take bear capacity of their kidneys into account. Diet is an important part to do the nursing work well.

  Limit salt intake. As the development of our living standard,various of seafood,fish and meat are common seen. There are much salt and condiment in these food,if we have much of these food,it means we have eaten much salt indirectly. Diabetic nephropathy patients should have less of these food and have more light food.

  2. Blood glucose limit. Snacks,no better how much glucose in them,should be eat less. Once blood glucose of patients become higher,their diabetic nephropathy may be more serious. The most important thing for diabetic nephropathy patients is to control their blood glucose.

  3. Vitamin and microelement intake. Enough vitamin and microelement should be taken,especially vitamin B,vitamin C,calcium,iron,zinc and so on. These substance can protect our kidneys.

  3. Limit protein and potassium intake. Much potassium can make patients get hyper-potassium disease;once it occur,patients mat get cardiac arrhythmia and cardiac arrhythmia. If get too much protein,burden of kidneys will be more.

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