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Various of treatment methods of diabetic nephropathy

  Diabetic nephropathy is a kind of omnibus disease and there are many treatment methods of it in clinic and different treatment method have different characteristic. Now we will introduce special treatment for you.

  1. Avoid some factors that may damage your kidney.

  Try your best to avoid using various of contrast medium which may hurt your kidneys,like IVP. If patients get dehydration which is caused by various of reasons,they should supply water as soon as possible.

  2. Kidney transplant.

  To improve living quality,patients who have get renal function insufficiency can receive kidney transplant. To decline the side-effect of diabetic nephropathy complications on patients and kidney transplant,patients should accept this surgery in early-stage. However,renal transplant is not the main factors that can cure diabetic nephropathy and patients still have diabetes even though they receive this surgery.

  3. Using antidiabetic agent.

  4. Using insulin.

  If patients can’t control their blood glucose well by diet and antidiabetic agent,they can use insulin. However,for those who have already in late-stage,they are more easy to get hypoglycemia because of lacking nutrition and insulin inactivation. So,they need not to control their blood glucose strictly.

  5. Keep on a healthy diet.

  Diet is the second important thing for a patient. Avoid fruits that contains much carbohydrate. Do not have too much food which are rich in protein or fat. In a word,there are too mang factors that diabetic nephropathy patients should notice and we will introduce it in another article.

  6. TCM.

  TCM is a special treatment which can cure renal disease in a special way. If you want to know more knowledge about TCM,read another article in our site.

  7. Dialysis.

  Dialysis always happens when patients’renal disease step into late-stage. There are both effective and side-effect on dialysis.

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