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Five stages of diabetic nephropathy

  Diabetic nephropathy is one of chronic complications of diabetes and there are five stages of it. Now we will introduce it for you.

  Stage 1: blood volume of kidney and internal pressure of glomerular capillary don’t become high;no Pathological histology damage and clinic symptom.

  Stage 2: patients have no obvious clinic symptoms. So this is the best time to treat it in this stage.

  Stage 3: patients have little proteinuria sostenuto and blood pressure become high. If decline the level of blood pressure,can shorten the discharge volume of micro albumin in urine.

  Stage 4: this period is clinic diabetic nephropathy and the most obvious character is patients have large amount of albuminuria. Symptoms like high blood pressure,edema or even nephrotic syndrome may occur. GFR is normal or may decline slightly. During this period,can take intervention treatment. However,this can only delay the development of renal disease,but can’t stop the development of renal failure. If patients smoking in this period,the renal function will decline more.

  The last period: it is also called terminal stage,namely uremia stage. In this stage,kidney filtration function decline and may have the possibility to cause renal failure. It may also have myocardial lesions and uremic nervous lesion. These serious complications are main death causers of diabetic nephropathy.

  Every stage is more serious than upper stage and diabetic nephropathy patients must pay more attention on their health. Once find there is something wrong on your body,go to hospital to ask doctors for help.

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