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The old warrior conquered himself and took control of diabet

Yang Shu from Shaanxi Yanan, is a revolutionary fighter, although overcome so many difficulties, but he almost lost himself, what happened to the old soldier?
Yang Shu 18 years ago, and they feel their own drink so much water or dry mouth, and eat too much, he doesn't feel right, came to the local county hospital, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. After a period of hospitalization, blood glucose control at 7 - 9mmol/L, was discharged.
After returning home has been taking hypoglycemic drugs according to doctor's advice, not interrupted. Yang Shu has never had the disease since he got the disease......
But just 9 months ago, uncle Yang found his legs a bit swollen, came to the hospital for examination, fasting blood glucose, 9.5mmol/L postprandial blood glucose 16.5mmol/L, 24 hour urinary protein quantitative 5.23g, urea nitrogen creatinine 9.7 mol/L, 153.2 mol/L, was diagnosed as diabetic nephropathy. Diabetes has become the third major diseases in addition to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, malignant tumors. Diabetes is not terrible, terrible is its complications. Diabetic nephropathy is a chronic complication caused by diabetes. Yang Shu is a case.
After 10 days of treatment, not effect, Yang Shu transferred to another hospital and could that be effectively? Less than half a year the creatinine has risen to 336 mol/L.
Finally, he decided to come to our hospital......

At the time of admission examination, 320 mol/L of creatinine and urea nitrogen was mol/L, and the protein content of urine in the urine of 24 hours was (4.72g).

Yang Shu can develop diabetic nephropathy, mainly because diabetes increased the burden on the kidneys, our kidneys have very dense capillary network, a filtration vessel wall, the filtration of small molecule toxins excreted in the urine, and useful to the human body protein and sugar will be blocked back absorption and utilization, too much the sugar and protein increased the burden on the kidneys. Diabetic nephropathy with respect to ordinary kidney disease, due to the role of blood sugar, kidney damage rate will be very fast, which is less than half a year's time, Yang TERT creatinine from 153.2 mol/L up to a factor of 336 mol/L.

After traditional Chinese medicine treatment for half a month after the review of 270 mol/L creatinine and urea nitrogen of 11.7 mol/L, 24 hour urinary protein quantity is 1.91g, even those who have dizziness, weakness, and full of spirit. As one of the most dangerous in the kidney, once the onset of kidney sugar is difficult to control, this time to be able to control the disease, and even can reduce creatinine, for the future recovery of Yang is also very good.
Diabetes and diabetes complicated by nephropathy is a life-long disease, such as diabetes and diabetic nephropathy patients has not been well controlled, with renal hypertension patients will also continue to exist, increase the difficulty of treatment of diabetic nephropathy is a major factor, the threat of long-term survival in patients with diabetes mellitus.
Early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy is very important. But in early diabetic nephropathy patients are usually asymptomatic, insidious onset, easy to be ignored, only the early regular special examination to avoid misdiagnosis, so as not to delay treatment, once diagnosed as diabetic nephropathy need timely treatment, treatment of diabetic nephropathy patients not only control blood sugar, also need to repair the kidney tissue damage, so that can reach the purpose of treating diabetic nephropathy.

In fact, uncle Yang develop nephropathy, had contacted the hospital, but he does not believe, do not feel reliable, no, until he was in a local time of treatment failure, serious deterioration, creatinine has continued to rise, endanger life, he decided to try it. Yang Shu said: if I come in contact with our hospital on the first time to receive professional treatment, maybe my treatment will be better.

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