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2 major concerns of diet for diabetic nephropathy

It is particularly important in patients with diabetic nephropathy that diet can play a big role in adjuvant therapy in patients with diabetic nephropathy, and most diabetic nephropathy patients often associated with hypertension, so patients should pay more attention to the daily diet, such as try to avoid eating sugary food with high cellulose in the diet increased attention.
Avoid eating food with high sugar
The majority of patients with diabetic nephropathy is "sugar" color, for some relatively high sugar food, patients should avoid eating sugary foods, including soft drinks, candy, cakes and sugar were canned, but the limited use of a small amount of sugar or sugar to generation of sugar, but not high temperature cooking and because the sweet taste will be lowered due to heat. Patients should also regularly eat starchy foods as the main source of calories. Avoid eating foods high in sugar, a small amount of vegetable oil.
The increase in dietary fiber
Diabetic nephropathy patients in peacetime should pay attention to the diet to increase the cellulose, which is mainly by eating more vegetables to supplement, but pay attention to the use of appropriate cooking method to reduce potassium. If the blood phosphorus is too high, the need to limit the intake of whole grain foods, such as cereals, breakfast cereals, etc.. Appropriate for snacks with low potassium or potassium in fruit quality. Such as high blood fat, should be cooked in less oil dishes such as multiple choice, steamed, stewed, boiled etc.

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