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Several key points in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy

The prognosis of diabetic nephropathy is not good, the serious condition may even die within a few years, so it is very important to control the condition of the disease.
We already know the causes of diabetic nephropathy, from which it is not difficult to find that the key to control the blood sugar is the control of blood sugar, but only control blood sugar so simple?
The answer is definitely no, but we still have to talk about the problem of blood sugar control, after all, this is the foundation.
Control of blood sugar from three aspects: diet, exercise, drug control.
The proportion of dietary sugar, fat and protein of the three major nutrients, must be reasonable arrangement and adjustment. So as to achieve the purpose of the treatment of disease, but also to meet the physiological needs of the human body. Carbohydrate diet in patients with diabetes should be accounted for 55%~60% of total calories; protein intake should not exceed 15% of the total daily calories; daily fat intake should not exceed 30% of total calories, if obese patients, especially with hyperlipidemia or atherosclerosis, fat intake should be adjusted depending on the specific circumstances.
Practice has proved that exercise can help patients control blood sugar.
Drug control:
Taking hypoglycemic, antihypertensive, anticoagulant, lipid-lowering drugs.
General diabetic nephropathy into dialysis than other types of kidney disease to be early, creatinine 400 when it is necessary to consider whether dialysis.
If the creatinine is not high, blood sugar slowly controlled, but the kidneys are still the same, how to do?
It is necessary to dilate the blood vessels to improve blood circulation.
We know that there are two main reasons for the disease of the kidney, one is because of the immune inflammatory reaction caused by toxins, and the other is the renal ischemia and hypoxia, while the latter belongs to the latter. Under the control of blood glucose and blood pressure, improving renal ischemia and hypoxia can further enhance the kidney environment.
The dilation of blood vessels is not placed stent (total systemic vascular expansion cannot all support it), and dense invisible capillaries are not put in, but with the traditional Chinese medicine Huoxue Tongluo, when the kidney might have therapeutic value to recover a part of kidney function.

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