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Is breakfast important for diabetic patients?

There are many patients with diabetes in order to be able to control the stability of blood sugar, often choose not to eat breakfast. However, according to the survey found that eating breakfast and do not eat breakfast compared to diabetic patients who eat breakfast every day to reduce the likelihood of insulin resistance by 35% - 40%. Breakfast can help control blood sugar and reduce the incidence of heart disease, and people who eat breakfast every day to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes.
Here to tell you a true story.
My friend Li is a diabetic, in blood glucose after breakfast, often high, he heard that may be related to eat porridge, so do not eat breakfast porridge, eat only Steamed Buns. However, the blood sugar is still not reduced. Finally, simply do not eat breakfast. He didn't eat, morning blood sugar will not increase, but let him greatly disappointed, blood glucose at noon still fluctuated. In fact, breakfast is very important for patients with diabetes. Because eating breakfast on the body to maintain normal physiological state and activity, prevent hypoglycemia, reduce insulin resistance and control of total calories and weight have a very good role.
As the saying goes: "eat early, eat lunch, dinner to eat less". Breakfast quality has a significant impact on blood glucose levels, with a reasonable breakfast can not only maintain a relatively stable level of blood sugar, but also to prevent hypoglycemia around 10 a.m.. So breakfast is very important for diabetic patients, so how to breakfast?
Good breakfast should eat diabetes and have to eat well, both 35% - 20% calories should reach the full day of total calories, but also scientific collocation.
According to the requirements of nutritional balance, the food is usually pided into four categories, namely, Cereals, meat, milk, beans and vegetables and fruits. If the breakfast in the above four kinds of food have, think breakfast nutrition, breakfast is good; if it contains three types of them, think breakfast quality is better; if you choose only two of them, that the basic qualifications; only one kind of food. The breakfast quality is poor. At the same time, breakfast should also be quantitative timing, dry and thin collocation, avoid eating fried, greasy, sugary foods, seven or eight into a full as well.
Some patients with diabetes especially love to eat noodles, morning Rice porridge. You can then add some noodles with fish and vegetables, Rice porridge cereal and egg, such collocation is reasonable, to avoid the impact of the larger simple carbohydrate cereal sugar. Just drink porridge and eat breakfast Li Steamed Buns, so monotonous breakfast cereal, of course, will make the blood glucose control is not good.

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