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Symptoms of diabetic nephropathy

The symptoms of diabetic nephropathy are:
Some people suffer from nausea, abdominal discomfort, anorexia, loss of weight, weakness. Elevated blood sugar test. For patients with a urine test results were positive.
With the symptoms of the patient and thirst, the patient is particularly thirsty and even thinks how much water is consumed. The urine after the reduction of body water.
The most prominent general blood glucose in patients with high performance is the urine, dry skin, dehydration. Not only refers to the increase in the number of urine urine, urine volume and urine also increased, even more foam, urine stains, white sticky. Polyuria is due to elevated blood sugar, more than the renal sugar threshold, discharged into the urine more sugar, so the number of urine and urine volume increased.
Anemia. There are significant azotemia in patients with diabetic nephropathy, can be symptoms of anemia, mild to moderate, with iron therapy. Anemia is caused by red cell dysfunction, which may be related to the chronic restriction of protein diet and the occurrence of nitrogen retention in patients with diabetic nephropathy.
With the progression of diabetic nephropathy, symptoms of retinopathy can occur. Complications such as heart failure, cystitis and other diabetic nephropathy often affect the patient's renal function. Ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar coma with circulatory failure can also cause acute renal failure in diabetic nephropathy,and so on.

Symptoms of diabetic nephropathy

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