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Diabetic nephropathy diet should pay attention to what?

In the diet, supplement protein should pay attention to the proper intake of high-quality high protein diet, rather than blindly supplement high protein, so as not to aggravate the burden on the kidneys, aggravating the disease.

The diet principle of diabetic nephropathy with edema or hypertension: low salt, salt free or sodium diet should be adopted to prevent the development of edema and the increase of blood pressure.

Diabetic nephropathy patients with hypertension and hyperlipidemia, should be appropriate to reduce fat, and use polyunsaturated fatty acids, cholesterol should be limited to 300mg or less.

Diabetic nephropathy diet according to fasting blood glucose reference intake size, may be appropriate to increase the carbohydrate, but from carbohydrate calories should not be greater than 70%.

Some people think that the poor control of diabetic nephropathy, decrease the ability of red blood cells and release of oxygen, advocate the use of high phosphorus diet, but should take the strict control of diabetes, such as renal dysfunction, high phosphorus diet harm.

Such as diabetic nephropathy symptoms of anemia, diabetic nephropathy diet deployment, should be more rich in iron and vitamin C food, such as anemia serious, must be supplemented with drugs or even blood transfusion.

Diabetic nephropathy patients with renal dysfunction, such as kidney transplantation or dialysis treatment, the principle of diet treatment can refer to acute and chronic renal failure, dialysis therapy and other related content.

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