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Diabetic nephropathy diet

Diabetic nephropathy treatment is a relatively long process, should pay attention to the diet of diabetic nephropathy, only to maintain a good diet of diabetic nephropathy, in order to benefit the treatment of diabetic nephropathy.

Diabetic nephropathy diet should control the total calorie intake. Reasonable catering (moderate amount of carbohydrates, moderate protein, low fat, eat more vegetables), Eat small meals, no alcohol, no smoking, more water, high cellulose diet.

Diabetic nephropathy as a complication of diabetes, diet and diabetes are different. Because diabetes into the stage of complications, protect the heart, brain, kidney and other organs function, it is very important. Diabetic nephropathy diet should be high quality low protein diet. The so-called high-quality, milk protein is the best, followed by eggs, eggs and protein, followed by fish protein, lean protein, plant protein for the inferior protein, such as soy products, daily bread, rice contains protein Limit, so as not to increase. Kidney burden.

Diabetic nephropathy should also pay attention to high calcium and low phosphorus diet. High calcium things are often high phosphorus, like animal brain and internal organs, ribs, shrimp, strong bones and the like certainly high phosphorus, should not eat. At the same time, the appropriate supplement of cellulose, vitamins, etc. is also very important. So eat corn and other coarse grains and vegetables, fruits and other useful.

Many patients with diabetic nephropathy in the diet have a great misunderstanding, will blindly add nutrition. This is very unscientific and is not conducive to the treatment of diabetic nephropathy. So patients with diabetic nephropathy must recognize this point.

Diabetic nephropathy diet

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