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How to prevent diabetic nephropathy ?

  1.Control metabolism imbalance

  Metabolism imbalance will affect capillary basement membrane and let the composition changes ,shows that the thickening and permeability change ,thus causing diabetic nephropathy .So actively control the high blood glucose is the precondition of preventing diabetic nephropathy .For patients have already occurred diabetic nephropathy ,the best way to control the blood glucose is to let the sugar comfortable ,while for the serious patients should use insulin to control blood glucose .

  2.Prevent the urinary tract infection

  The resistance of diabetic nephropathy patients to infection reduce will easily combine with pyelonephritis ,thus aggravating kidney damage .But there are not have typical symptoms ,such as serious frequent micturition 、urgent urination 、odunuria and fever ,only have slight micturition discomfort and lumbago .Patients can be diagnosed by urine bacteria culture and treated by antibiotics .

  3.Pay attention to adjust the diet

  Diabetic nephropathy patients should have a low-salt diet in order to relieve the edema and high blood pressure .If the patients have already occurred renal failure ,should control well the intake of protein ,it is not only benefit from the renal function ,but also can contribute to reduce discharge rate of proteinuria PRO .Commonly the daily protein intake should not more than 30-40 , it is better to choose the high quality protein ,such as milk、egg、meat ,limit beans .

  4.Actively control the high blood pressure

  Parts of the diabetic nephropathy patients combine with high blood pressure ,yet the high blood pressure will cause renal lesions ,on the contrary ,diabetic patients will aggravate high blood pressure ,so patients should actively control the high blood pressure .If the diabetic patients occur high blood pressure ,should take measures actively ,let the blood pressure lower .

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