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Matters need attention for diabetic patient’s diet

  Diabetic patients should pay attention to the diet ,because reasonable diet not only can relieve the kidney burden ,but also can improve the treatment of the kidney disease .So patients with diabetic nephropathy should how to eat ?

  1.Patients with intermittent or continuous proteinuria PRO occur hypoproteinemia and without obvious azotemia ,patients in addition to supply 1g/kg body weight of protein every day ,should increase the protein quality of which expel from the urine ,at this time ,the patient’s kidney function have already decreased ,so the protein intake should not too high .

  2.If there is anemia symptoms ,should supply the foods which rich in iron and vitamin C ,if the anemia is serious ,patients must take drugs even transfusion .

  3.When the diabetic nephropathy combine with edema or high blood pressure ,should have a low-salt、salt-free or low-sodium diet in case the development of the edema and the blood pressure rise .

  4.Some people think if the patients with diabetic nephropathy cannot control well ,the ability of red blood cells to release oxygen ,so patients should have a high-phosphorus diet ,but should strict control the diabetic nephropathy .If there is occur renal function reduce ,it is bad for patients to have a high-phosphorus .

  5.Most of the kidney disease patients will accompany with high blood pressure and hyperlipidaemia ,so should appropriate less fat foods and choose unsaturated fatty acid ,the cholesterol should control under 300mg .

  6.According to the reference amount of fasting blood-glucose condition can increase carbohydrate properly ,but the heat energy of carbohydrate should less than 70%.

  7.When the diabetic nephropathy patients occur renal insufficiency ,should take kidney transplantation or dialysis treatment ,and the diet should also make a corresponding adjustment .

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