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The symptoms of diabetic nephropathy

  1.Patients will accompany with proteinuria

  Proteinuria is a significant symbols of diabetic nephropathy ,most of the patients will occur proteinuria .In the early diabetic nephropathy ,the urine only have microalbumin ,that is selectivity proteinuria and it can continue several years .With the development of diabetic nephropathy ,the patients will occur continuous proteinuria ,glomerular filtration rate decline ,the serious degrees of kidney lesion will worsen more .

  2.Patients will occur edema

  In general ,patients will occur some slight edemas ,yet once the patients appear systemic edema means that the state of diabetic nephropathy present continuous development .Patients occur edema may be due to diabetic nephropathy patients lost large amount of protein in urine and hypoalbuminemia .

  3.Patients will occur high blood pressure

  High blood pressure is the symptom of the late diabetic nephropathy ,patients with continuous proteinuria will occur high blood pressure .In the early stage ,diabetic nephropathy patient’s blood pressure will rise after training ;when occur continuous proteinuria ,the blood pressure continue rise .High blood pressure will accelerate the deterioration of renal function of diabetic nephropathy patients ,so effective control high blood pressure is important for diabetic nephropathy patients .

  4.Patients will occur renal failure

  Once the diabetic nephropathy occurred renal damage ,will develop into azotemia and uremia finally .In the early stage of the diabetic nephropathy ,in order to adopt to the body line of sugar ,glomerular filtration rate increase ,the urea nitrogen and creatinine of the blood maintain the normal level .Once appeared continuous proteinuria in the body ,the blood urea nitrogen and creatinine concentrations will rise ,thus occurring renal insufficiency ,at this time ,if cannot control it ,the diabetic nephropathy patients will develop into uremia in several years .

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