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Expert:rules of Diet and Health for Diabetic Nephropathy

After suffering from diabetic nephropathy, people are most worried about the diet, diabetes is not allowed to eat pasta and fat, but nephropathy not let eat more protein,is the patient with diabetic nephropathy starved to death? Diet therapy is one of the basic components of the treatment of diabetic nephropathy, adjust the diet of diabetic nephropathy can slow the development of the disease, diabetic nephropathy diet should be in accordance with the different stages of management.

Intake of the right amount of calories: daily intake of moderate calories for the maintenance of the body's nutrition and health is very important. It provides the body with a lot of heat to help the body to maintain a healthy weight; to help the body rational use of protein, so that the protein play an important role in the human body, if the lack of calorie intake, it will consume the body fat and even muscle tissue, Leading to malnutrition, if too much intake will lead to human obesity and other issues.

Intake of the right amount of protein: the human body needs the correct amount of protein, intake of the correct amount of protein for physical health and comfort is very important. Long-term low-protein diet can lead to malnutrition, easy to get a variety of complications. In order to maintain the human body muscles, tissue repair, a variety of enzymes, blood cells and other metabolic needs and resistance to disease, everyone must ensure adequate intake of protein intake.

The above is only personal opinion for reference. If there is a diet on diabetes mellitus, you can leave a message below and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


rules of Diet and Health for Diabetic Nephropathy
rules of Diet and Health for Diabetic Nephropathy


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