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What should diabetic kidney disease diet pay attention?

Diabetic kidney disease is caused by diabetic kidney disease due to abnormal glucose metabolism, accompanied by urinary protein content exceeding normal. The major risk factors of Diabetic kidney disease include disease course, hyperglycemia, hypertension, microalbuminuria, smoking and cardiovascular diseases. Pathological changes of renal structure are; pathogenesis including hyperglycemia induced renal hemodynamic changes, protein glycation, and increased polyol pathway activity of glucose transporter function hyperfunction, angiotensin converting enzyme gene insertion / deletion polymorphism. The treatment of Diabetic kidney disease should correct the disorder of glucose metabolism in diabetes, so that the early renal high perfusion, high filtration, high pressure and so on will be reduced to normal. Diabetic kidney disease patients with high protein diet can cause glomerular blood flow increase, restricted protein intake can make the glomerular pressure drop, reduce urinary protein, kidney structure change change, change and effect does not depend on the blood glucose and blood pressure, help to delay the deterioration of renal function. Correct dyslipidemia; measures include diet therapy, control of blood sugar, use of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, control of blood pressure, and correction of metabolic disorders.

Dietary principles and requirements for treating diabetic kidney disease at the same time:

(1) sufficient heat energy;

(2) limit protein intake;

(3) appropriately increase the amount of carbon hydration and chemicals;

(4) avoid using foods rich in cholesterol;

(5) more food rich in iron;

(6) vitamin C is abundant;

(7) control the intake of sodium and potassium according to the condition of the disease;

(8) phosphorus limitation;

(9) the amount of water and liquid is balanced.

Some requirements described above is diabetic kidney disease should be paid attention to in the diet, to patients with Diabetic kidney disease in the diet to restrain themselves in accordance with the principle of their diet of Diabetic kidney disease collocation nutritional diet, reduce their illness.


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