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How to control diabetes with diet?

Diet control of diabetics is a very important part of the treatment process, all of the diabetic patients, whether light or heavy, must be diet control. Proper and reasonable diet therapy can not only make the blood sugar control in the ideal range, but also make the patients no or less big fluctuation of blood sugar. Meanwhile, it can reduce the dosage of hypoglycemic drugs. So diabetes patients should know how to control diabetes with diet.

Patients with diabetes often with increasing blood glucose after meals, if the increase of drug control postprandial blood glucose, but easily lead to hypoglycemia, so small meals can reduce the dosage of hypoglycemic drugs, also can prevent blood sugar fluctuation. The patient can add 2~3 additional meals between the three meals, i.e., a small portion of the food from the three meal is served as a dietary supplement. If the blood glucose control and stability, but also can eat a little fruit in two meals, but the amount of staple food meals to the appropriate amount of deduction, the fruit should not be too much, generally of medium size fruits such as pears, apples, peaches can only eat one.

to control diabetes with diet
to control diabetes with diet

Diabetic patients, especially elderly patients have long been the formation of eating habits, not easy to change, including the type of food, eating time, the amount of meals per meal, etc., as far as possible to take care of the original diet, do not make big changes, Otherwise it is difficult to stick to it for a long time. But also as much as possible to correct bad eating habits, should be based on the stability of the appropriate adjustment of eating habits. To control diabetes with diet should also pay attention to the treatment of drugs, consult a professional doctor, and then adjust their eating habits, so as not to improper diet, resulting in unstable condition.

In addition, the diabetic patients in the treatment process to maintain a happy mood, a good attitude to the treatment of diabetes is also good for the control. Appropriate physical exercise, increase the body's immunity. Prevent the cold, the appropriate attention to warm.

Above is a detailed description on how to control diabetes with diet, hoping to help you. Diabetic patients in the treatment process must pay attention to, do not like their own diet, to combine their own condition appropriate adjustment, so as not to improper diet on the treatment of diabetes have an impact. If there are questions about diabetes diet, you can leave a message below and we will do our best to help you.

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