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What is the method of Diabetes Diet Control?

Strict control of diet is an important condition for the treatment of diabetes. Doctors in clinical practice found that patients often because of poor diet and drugs can not play the desired effect. So diabetics in the treatment process attention to control diet. Here are the basic principles of Diabetes Diet Control:

1, eat less meals. Both to ensure the heat and nutrient supply, but also to avoid postprandial blood sugar peak.

2, eat dessert and salty snacks no difference, will cause blood sugar increased.

3, carbohydrate foods to eat according to regulations, can not eat less can not eat, to eat evenly (carbohydrates refers to food, vegetables, milk, fruit, soy products, hard fruit food sugar).

4, can not use peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts and other hard fruit food to eat.

5, the amount of "diabetes food" should be equal to the amount of ordinary food eaten. "Diabetes food" means foods made from high dietary fiber, such as buckwheat and oats. Although these foods digest and absorb for a long time, they eventually turn into glucose.

Diabetes Diet Control
Diabetes Diet Control

6, the so-called "sugar-free food" is essentially no sugar food, some food is a sweetener instead of sugar, still can not eat casually.

7, eat foods containing dietary fiber.

8, vegetables with starch as the main component should be included in the quantity of staple food. These vegetables are potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, taro, lotus, water chestnut, lily, water chestnuts, arrowhead etc..

9, in addition to soybeans other than beans, such as red beans, green beans, beans, kidney beans, peas, their main ingredient is starch, so also counted as the amount of staple food.

10, eat non-staple food should be appropriate.

11, eat less salt.

12, eat less food containing cholesterol.

13, diabetes do not limit the water.

14, on the issue of eating fruit. Blood sugar control better patients, you can eat low sugar content of fruits, such as apples, pears, oranges, oranges, strawberries, but not the amount should be more. Eat fruit time should be low when the blood between the two meals. If you eat fruit is tantamount to dinner, blood sugar will immediately high up. Banana starch content is high, should be considered the amount of staple food.

The above is a brief introduction to the contents of Diabetes Diet Control, hoping to help you. In improving dietary habits, diabetics should consult a professional doctor so as to avoid improper diet and influence the treatment of diabetes.

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