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Diet in pregnancy for diabetic nephropathy patients

Diabetic nephropathy patients must pay attention when pregnant, whether lifestyle or diet habits. Which diet is a very important part of a healthy and reasonable diet is very helpful for the treatment of patients. Diet during pregnancy should pay attention to light in patients with diabetic nephropathy, if reasonable diet, drug treatment can be properly reduced, but the diet nursing of patients after consult professional doctor to improve nephropathy. The following is about diet in pregnancy for diabetic nephropathy patients related content, the patient can refer to.

Gastric paralysis to eat small meals is better, 3 meals a day is pided into 6-7 small meals, respectively, in the morning, noon, afternoon, before going to bed meals, meals arranged 2-3 times snacks to reduce postprandial High blood sugar, while avoiding hunger before meals. Solid food emptying is more pronounced than liquid food, so it is advisable to evenly mix solid food with or even eat liquid food and, if necessary, to rely entirely on liquid food, which helps to improve gastrointestinal symptoms and control blood sugar.

diet in pregnancy for diabetic nephropathy patients
diet in pregnancy for diabetic nephropathy patients

Diabetes mellitus patients during pregnancy should pay attention to adjust the food composition, digestive movement weakened, gastric emptying has been extended, it is necessary to reduce the content of non-digestible fiber in food, some rich in cellulose-rich vegetables (such as celery, cabbage and potato, etc.) Have reduced postprandial blood glucose, but easy to have gastrointestinal reactions, if patients with diabetic nephropathy with gastric paralysis, these foods can not eat. Dietary care for pregnant women with diabetic nephropathy should control the daily intake of protein and avoid high potassium foods; accompanied by diarrhea, limit; crude fiber vegetables and fruits, eat less residue, easy to digest food, avoid fried excitant food; with Peripheralneuropathy, eat brown rice, beans and other foods rich in B vitamins.

These are just some simple diet in pregnancy for diabetic nephropathy patients, for reference only. Patients during pregnancy should not only pay attention to diet, but also pay attention to lifestyle, bad diet and lifestyle will also affect the treatment of diabetic nephropathy patients. If the conditions permit, you can ask professional doctors according to their condition and physical condition to develop appropriate diet care plan.

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