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Pay attention low protein diet for diabetic nephropathy

In Europe and the United States, diabetic nephropathy is becoming the leading cause of end-stage renal disease, so in daily life should pay attention to comprehensive treatment, standardized management, monitor and control to reduce the complications, complications of diabetes, many patients with diabetic nephropathy can live a normal life. In this, reasonable diet is to control the development of diabetic nephropathy is an important part of the diabetic nephropathy patients, pay attention low protein diet for diabetic nephropathy.

High protein diet can aggravate renal function deterioration, therefore, diabetic nephropathy patients must control protein intake on the basis of daily energy supply. Diabetic nephropathy is not only low protein diet, but also emphasizes the intake of a certain amount of high-quality protein. Contains a certain amount of staple food in general non high quality protein, if every day to eat 200 to 250 grams of staple food, which contains L6 to 20 g of high-quality protein, patients may be appropriate to eat lean meat, eggs, milk and other high quality protein supplement. Studies have found that the same as the low protein diet, compared to chicken, fish and other white meat and cattle, sheep, pork and other meat, can improve glomerular hyperfiltration, slowing the progression of diabetic nephropathy.

But in patients with diabetic nephropathy in the low protein diet should pay attention to two errors: one is that the main or do not eat meat, dairy products, eggs, vegetarian is a low protein diet, actually contains vegetable protein vegetarian of essential amino acids in the less, can not meet the needs of the human body, long-term consumption may cause protein malnutrition, is not conducive to the recovery of kidney function. Two is that absolutely can not eat bean products. Modern medical research that soy protein in plants is protein, but also is a kind of high quality protein, compared with cereals and vegetables, which contain essential amino acids are still more, also can provide calcium, vitamins, isoflavones and other healthful substances.

The above is about low protein diet for diabetic nephropathy related content, hoping to help you. Low protein diet therapy in patients with diabetic nephropathy is the main method of early treatment, which can not only ensure the protein needs of the body, but also assist the drug treatment. However, patients with diabetic nephropathy in low protein diet, must be based on their own disease development and physical conditions to develop a proper diet program.

Pay attention low protein diet for diabetic nephropathy

Pay attention low protein diet for diabetic nephropathy


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