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diabetic uremic diet principle

  Diet is important for diabetic nephropathy and make a good diabetic uremic diet can control blood glucose effectively and regulate blood glucose in a certain scope. In this way, what are the diabetic uremic diet principle should pay a special attention to? There are several important points for diabetic uremic diet:

  1、Pay attention to the intake of protein for diabetic uremic diet
  In recent years, people always think being a high protein diet long is likely to aggravate high filtration state of kidney, at the same time increase generation and retention of toxic nitrogen metabolites, thus cause further damage to the kidney function. So, some experts make an advocate of controlling the protein in food of diabetic nephropathy.

  2、Eat more coarse food grain for diabetic uremic diet
   In daily diet, diabetic patients ought to choose more recombination and coarse food grain, especially vegetables、beans、grains that are contain abundant high fiber. For diabetic patients, monose should be strictly controlled, such as sucrose、maltose、glucose and food that contains this saccharides high.

diabetic uremic diet

  3、Meal in time and quantification and eat regular for diabetic uremic diet
  At least have three meal every day and be in time and quantification. Between meals 4 to 5 hours should be exist. Patients with insulin injection or patients easy to be in hypoglycemia should increase 2 to 3 extra meals a day It is an effectively way to control hypoglycemia

  4、Pay attention to High calcium and low phosphorus for diabetic uremic diet
  Things in high calcium are always in low phosphorus, like Animal brain、viscera、ribs、and dried small shrimps .This things always have a high capacity of hyperphosphate and should not eat a lot.

  5、Low oil and low salt in dish for diabetic uremic diet
  Diabetic patients should choose light food with little oil and salt. When cooking dish, steaming, boiling, salad, rinse, stew and halogen should be always used.
  For diabetic uremic diet, experts points out that because of renal function failure, diabetic patients should pay special attention to the intake of salt, not too low and not too high. The former will make body lack of salt and the latter cause edema. So, experts said that in the diabetic uremic diet how much salt to take depends on patients' own condition.
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