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  High blood pressure is a kind of disease that blood pressure is always high. It can cause gout,heart disease,hemangioma,renal failure and so on. There are many causers of it. It also has a close relationship with renal disease. For example,several types of renal disease can cause higher blood pressure,like chronic pyelonephritis,acute and chronic nephritis. However,what is the specific relationship between renal disease and renal failure?

  1. Kidney plays a role of adjust water and sodium.

  Kidney has the function to adjust water and sodium balance. Once renal function is damaged,water and sodium can’t be discharged out of body and may stay in it. A direct result is increase pressure of blood cell and then blood pressure will be high. So,renal disease is a main causer of high blood pressure.

  2. Kidney can secrete hormone can adjust blood pressure level.

  Kidney is also an important secretion organ. It can secrete renin and angiotensin to adjust blood pressure level. If kidney is damaged,hormone that adjusting blood pressure will be maladjusted,then angiotasis increase and develop into high blood pressure.

  3. High blood pressure can also cause renal disease.

  If the blood pressure is high for long-term,blood vessel wall will be pressed strongly and blood vessel will be damaged,finally develop into arteriosclerosis. If get arteriosclerosis,blood can’t flow smoothly,blood volume in kidney will decline,too. This can cause renal lesion or speed up original damage.

  4. The relationship of high blood pressure and renal disease are interplay.

  Once blood pressure become high,it will influence renal function;or if kidney is weak,it may influence our blood pressure. In clinic,many patients get renal disease and high blood pressure at the same time. So it is important for us to control our blood pressure in a stable level.

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