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What are the causes of hypertensive nephropathy

First, after the diagnosis of hypertension, if not timely and correct treatment, will destroy the renal blood vessels, leading to insufficient blood supply to the kidneys, causing kidney damage. When the renal function is completely lost, the kidney failure.

Two, in the case of kidney problems, the kidneys will not be able to release the maintenance of blood pressure balance, the production of red blood cells and vitamin D needs enough hormones. Therefore, the following symptoms, blood pressure, the body can not produce enough red blood cells, due to lack of calcium, bone will become fragile.

Three, hypertensive nephropathy is caused by high blood pressure in primary benign arteriolar sclerosis and malignant arteriolar sclerosis, accompanied by the corresponding clinical manifestations of the disease.

Four, more importantly, excess liquid, waste, toxins will accumulate in the body, such as excessive accumulation of blood in the growth period and irreparable damage, which is also the cause of hypertensive nephropathy

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