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How to prevent uremia with hypertension patients

Kidney disease prevention and control of the first to strictly control blood pressure. At the same time, kidney disease itself can cause high blood pressure, the incidence of hypertension in patients with chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure caused by renal disease is renal hypertension. According to statistics, renal hypertension accounted for 5% of the total number of hypertension to 10%, is the first cause of secondary hypertension. Thus, hypertension and kidney disease is a reciprocal causation relationship, any aspect of control is not good, will cause a vicious spiral.

Hypertensive patients should regularly check urine or kidney function check, early detection of hypertension induced renal changes. Especially the first discovery of hypertension, must do a comprehensive inspection of clear renal lesions, suspected renal hypertension to urine, blood routine, renal function, blood lipids, blood coagulation indexes and kidneys, renal artery ultrasonography, but also for the CT or MRI blood vessel imaging and angiography when necessary, in order to early early treatment diagnosis and.

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