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Uremia is easy to make people aware of symptoms have what

Uremia is easy to make people aware of the symptoms are what? Common signs and symptoms of uremia include sallow complexion, poor appetite, fatigue and edema.
1, ochriasis ochriasis is one of the most common symptoms of uremia. This is due to anemia. Because of the performance of the occurrence and development is very slow, so the obvious contrast does not appear in a short period of time, as people meet together in the evening, difficult to find a variety of slow development.

2, fatigue is also a common symptoms and signs of uremia. This may be a very early performance, but the most likely to be ignored, because there are too many reasons for fatigue. Especially those in business to fight the people, mostly blame on the work stress and fatigue. If a little rest and symptoms improved, it is more likely to mislead people.

3, poor appetite uremic patients in the early stages of the disease will have poor appetite symptoms, which is due to urinary retention of toxins, the impact of digestive function. Most people disagree. The progression of the disease, will appear abdominal fullness discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and even increased stool frequency or quality pulp, at this time, disease has been very serious, which is often an important reason the patient had to be hospitalized.

4, this is a relatively easy to edema performance. However, due to the onset of the beginning of time and the symptoms of light, may not be able to cause the attention of patients. Common symptoms are: morning, afternoon, eyelid edema, edema subsided; feet tired, rest, disappear, this is often mistaken for overwork phenomenon is ignored, if to continue or systemic edema, is ill. Hope that patients can pay attention to their own health, to see if they have the usual symptoms and signs of uremia, if the above symptoms and signs, need to go to the hospital for treatment

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