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Diagnosis and treatment of hypertensive nephropathy


Hypertensive nephropathy is actually a kind of patients with essential hypertension in patients with kidney appeared some problems, this disease can often seen in our life, and also can cause injury to the patient, for the patient's body health, quality of life and some other ways there are some problems, the serious influence to the patients and their families. Next let us come to a specific understanding of what is the diagnosis and treatment of hypertensive nephropathy, what is it?.

Steps / methods:

1 for hypertensive nephropathy diagnosis and treatment of this problem, patients actually need to know is that the diagnosis is mainly based on the patient's history, etiology, symptoms and the result of the examination for the common examination included physical examination, examination, imaging examination and renal biopsy.

2 for the treatment of the disease, mainly in the control of blood pressure and treatment of patients with complications. Common treatment methods include medication and other means, and patients should pay attention to their own lives to avoid those factors can lead to high blood pressure, which is more critical.

3 in addition to these, the patient should also take appropriate measures to prevent the occurrence of this disease, which is also very important. The best way to prevent this disease is through reasonable control of their blood pressure. The patients can also consult the doctor or regularly to the hospital physical examination and other ways to prevent.

Matters needing attention:

Patients usually need to strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness. Patients usually need to be more sensitive to their physical changes, but also pay more attention to the problem is to find the best time to see a doctor or to solve the problem, do not delay the disease.


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