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If the Hypertensive nephropathy needs to keep under strict supervision in order to prevent uremia

   Control the high blood pressure in the ideal level is the precondition to prevent renal function damage .For patients with high blood pressure ,the most important thing is to monitor their own kidneys strictly .Physical measures as follows :

   1.Regularly check renal function including endogenous creatinine clearance rate 、serum creatinine and urea nitrogen ,it is better to check once every two months.
   2. Observing strictly if there is early uremia symptoms ,such as weakness symptoms like fatigue ,aching lumbus and limp legs ; digestive tract symptom like inappetence or nausea ,sickness ; and anemia symptom like sallow complexion ,pale tongue ,lips and eyelid pale .Once appeared these symptoms should check kidney function immediately in order to ensure have or not unusual .
   3.Uremia stage .Patients with endogenous creatinine clearance rate lower ,serum ceratinine and urea nitrogen rise should not regard oneself as the simple high blood pressure ,because these are the common symptoms of the hypertensive nephropathy .It is serious when hypertensive nephropathy develop into this situation ,so the treatment should according to the uremic early treatment .
   4.Protect kidney as the main part when taking hypotensive drugs .No matter what the patients with high blood pressure develop into hypertensive nephropathy stage , when choosing hypotensive drugs should be based on no nephrotoxicity drugs ,if the drugs can protect kidney is better .The research shows that angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor ,angiotensin receptor inhibitor ,calcium channel blockers and βreceptor retardant in step-down at the same time have to protect the role of the kidney .For hypertensive treatment ,when choosing west medicine to reduce pressure at the same time match up the traditional Chinese medicine which have the functions of rise and fall and tonify the liver and kidney ,it is good for keep the blood pressure stable and protect the kidney    
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