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How to effectively treat hypertensive nephropathy?

The current treatment of hypertensive nephropathy is the most effective way to use micro-infiltration of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, on the one hand for the characteristics of hypertension to improve blood vessels at all levels, on the other hand for the damaged kidney repair, thus verifying the "cure first treatment , Sickness from the consumer "treatment concept.

Improve blood vessels at all levels, fundamentally lower blood pressure.

After micro-processing of traditional Chinese medicine in a large number of vasodilator factors exist, these vasodilator factors into the microvascular and vascular tonic factors synergies, so that the body and renal blood vessels become loose degree, and therefore ease the blood vessels due to lack of relaxation, Tension caused by excessive blood pressure.

Repair damaged kidney units, improve renal function

Micro-traditional Chinese medicine once into the body, it will be directly on the kidney lesions (immune complexes, sclerosing glomeruli, etc.) this goal, the release of active substances in traditional Chinese medicine, immune complexes, and pathological repair. When the damaged kidneys were repaired, the renal function began to recover, the micro-traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy in uremia and high blood pressure treatment is not only fast, but not easy to relapse.

The above is about how to treat all of the hypertensive nephropathy, and hope to help everyone. It can be seen, whether patients with hypertension, or uremia or other kidney disease patients, should be actively prevent the occurrence of complications. And patients have complications, should take formal and effective treatment, so as to further aggravate the disease.

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