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Do hypertensive nephropathy feel good after dialysis?

If the kidneys have been damaged, it indicates that the function of the kidneys began to decline, secretion, excretion capacity has also been reduced, which will seriously threaten the health of the human body.

Do hypertensive nephropathy feel good after dialysis?

Hypertensive nephropathy is the disease that caused by essential hypertension in benign small arterial nephrosclerosis (also known as hypertensive nephrectomy) and malignant arterial nephrosclerosis, accompanied by the corresponding clinical manifestations. Hypertension caused by nephropathy has been developed to uremia, and the general kidney disease is the same, will be due to increased toxins in the body began to appear a variety of complications, due to inpidual illness varies, physical quality is different, so dialysis for different of the patients to distinguish between to look at. If the diagnosis of hypertension uremia, after treatment, serum creatinine decreased, the condition tends to be stable, there is no life-threatening factors exist, and physical symptoms are not obvious or almost no, then the necessity of dialysis is superfluous.

Dialysis is only temporary control of the development and exacerbations of the disease, and can not make the disease to get a good effect treatment, in the treatment of nephropathy mainly to treat the kidneys within the organization and the protection of kidney tissue, for the specific role of dialysis patients with hypertensive nephropathy, is the loss of renal function in patients with hemodialysis, through to excrete some metabolites and moisture, regulate the balance of electrolyte and acid-base regulation. Dialysis can be the patient's blood and containing a certain chemical composition of the dialysate at the same time into the dialyzer, the dialysis membrane on both sides of the flow through the semi-permeable membrane molecules through the transmembrane moving - dispersion and penetration, to achieve dynamic balance. So that the patient's body to accumulate harmful substances to be cleared, and to correct water, electrolyte imbalance and acid-base imbalance.

The kidney itself is a large blood cell, used to filter the body of toxins, while preventing protein, blood cells and other materials leakage of blood vessels. Hypertension makes blood pressure within the blood vessels can increase, can make the protein leak, once the protein leakage will cause damage to the kidney filter system, resulting in a vicious circle.

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