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What is the renal hypertension causes?

Renal hypertension is a category of hypertension. Nearly 60% of patients with renal disease show elevated blood pressure. Most patients, however, have never had a kidney test, and they have tried many ways of lowering blood pressure, but they have not been able to achieve the desired results because they do not know the source of the disease is in the kidneys.

Renal hypertension causes:

1, because renin angiotensin is at play. When the kidneys or kidneys vascular lesions, the secretion of angiotensin will surge, resulting in systemic arteriolar spasm, arteriolar resistance increased, resulting in high blood pressure.

2, after the kidney pathological change, its excretion, the human body internal water, the salt function can weaken or even lose, causes the water sodium retention in vivo, causes the blood volume to increase, causes the kidney hypertension. In addition, renal patients tend to have sympathetic nerve stimulation, which is one of the factors that contribute to hypertension.

The first discovery of high blood pressure, it should check whether the kidneys have lesions, especially young and middle-aged people, if there is unknown cause of hypertension, but also to check the kidney, so as not to delay the disease. If you have family members in elderly patients with hypertension in general should be equipped with a stethoscope, blood pressure meter, commonly used antihypertensive drugs and formulations of nitroglycerin and other cardiovascular disease emergency supplies, conditional can also add oxygen bags for emergency needs. Once the disease occurs, timely corrective measures should be taken in time

The above is about the "renal hypertension causes" related content, hoping to help you. Hypertension patients in daily life must pay attention to diet and living habits, good habits and scientific and reasonable diet can alleviate the disease.

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