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Diet therapy program of hypertensive renal disease

According to the relevant data, for any disease, diet care and drug treatment have a close relationship, indiscriminate or blind medication, will lead to more serious illness, the patient should avoid those food, so as to avoid the disease malignant, and thus contribute to the treatment of the disease.

Experts recommend: high blood pressure in patients with adequate consumption of protein, because it will accelerate the patient's arteriosclerosis, thereby increasing the condition, especially those with high cholesterol animal fat. Per kilogram of body weight does not exceed 1 gram, which should be added high-quality protein, such as: meat, eggs and so on. Reduce calorie and fat intake, because high calorie and high fat can promote blood pressure, so it is necessary to add heat and pay attention to avoid excessive. Usually eat more fruits and vegetables to ensure that the body needs, but nephritis patients should not eat bananas, banana contains more sodium ions, will make patients with sodium retention to make blood pressure higher.

Light diet is the basis of hypertensive nephropathy diet, we all know that hypertensive patients themselves can not eat much salt, and hypertensive nephropathy patients as well. Because when the body intake of too much salt, will make hardening of blood vessels and blood pressure, salt can not only improve the efficacy of antihypertensive drugs, but also reduce the dose of antihypertensive drugs, thereby reducing drug side effects.

Through the analysis of the above, we should understand that hypertensive nephropathy patients should follow the doctor's advice, according to their own situation, formulate a healthy and reasonable diet program, so that it will help the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy, control the disease development, thereby enhancing the quality of life of patients with hypertensive nephropathy. If you have questions about kidney disease, you can consult our online experts. Our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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