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How to diagnose kidney tuberculosis?

If the patient wants to know whether suffering from renal tuberculosis, the patient can go to the hospital for a urine test so that you can avoid wasting your time and money. Here are some ways to see it!

How to diagnose kidney tuberculosis?

1, urine test: urine test on the diagnosis of renal tuberculosis is of great significance, urine is often cloudy in rice water sample, fresh urine is generally acidic, in urine, protein, red blood cells, white blood cells.

2, urinary tuberculosis check: find out whether there is urine in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis are very important. The examination method is very simple. Just collect the urine specimen, then smear, stain and find the bacteria directly. However, this method is easily confused with other acid-fast bacilli, so in order to enhance the accuracy of the results, the examination should pay attention to the vulva and urethra should be cleaned, urine samples should be taken for the first time during the test. Tuberculosis drugs and other antibiotics such as tetracycline, kanamycin, sulfonamides, while checking should be carried out continuously for three to five times.

3, Mycobacterium tuberculosis culture: The cultivation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in urine can not only help the diagnosis of bacterial resistance, but also can be used to monitor the bacterial resistance. But imperfect is that it takes six weeks for Mycobacterium tuberculosis to be used, and it is inconvenient to use. And not all patients with renal tuberculosis were positive for urine culture.

4, X-ray examination: X-ray examination can not only help confirm the diagnosis of renal tuberculosis, but also to help determine the extent of disease, the scope. We can see kidney contour, size, psoas major and renal ureteral calcification. The calcification of renal tuberculosis is more punctate. The cavity of cheese cavity often has round calcification around the cavity. If we find extensive calcification in the whole kidney, we can be diagnosed as renal tuberculosis. Another characteristic of the renal tuberculosis X-ray film is that the calyx edge can be seen to become unsmooth, as if the worm had been too general, as the disease progresses, calyx irregular enlargement or fuzzy deformation. If the nephrotic neck fibrosis stenosis or complete occlusion, we can see empty filling incomplete or not at all. Please note that patients with renal tuberculosis often have normal lungs.

5, cystoscopy: visible bladder mucosal congestion, edema, tuberculosis nodules, tuberculosis ulcers, scars and other lesions. When necessary, lesions can be taken to do pathological examination.

6, computer scan: computerized early diagnosis of renal tuberculosis did not help, but the treatment of advanced renal tuberculosis helpful. Check the late renal tuberculosis can clearly show the enlarged calyx, renal pelvis, empty, calcified, but also to see the thickening of the fibrosis of the renal pelvis and ureter.

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