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What are the causes of acute hypertensive nephropathy?

There are more and more people suffering from hypertensive nephropathy. Hypertension nephropathy is common in real life, especially some middle-aged and elderly people are more likely to have hypertensive nephropathy, which is very harmful to their health, and such diseases lead to some disappointments in their lives. So we should pay attention to active prevention and treatment, then, what are the causes of hypertensive nephropathy?

What are the causes of acute hypertensive nephropathy?

Causes of hypertensive nephropathy:

First, renal vascular disease: a variety of causes of renal artery or its branches of the narrow to atherosclerosis, muscle fiber proliferation of the most common, non-specific arteritis, transplant graft fibrosis can cause renal artery ischemia, thrombosis or embolism and cause renal hypertension.

Second, the nature of renal disease: acute or chronic glomerulonephritis, renal mesangialitis is the most common, followed by the first intrinsic renal disease (polycystic kidney, horseshoe kidney, renal hypoplasia), renal tuberculosis, kidney stones, kidney tumors secondary kidney disease.

Third, urinary tract obstructive diseases: such as urinary tract stones, kidney and urinary tract tumors. In addition, the inflammation around the kidney, abscesses, tumors, trauma, bleeding, etc. can also cause high blood pressure. According to the domestic material reports, in a variety of kidney disease associated with hypertension accounted for 19.6% ~ 57.7%. Anti-boosting substances decreased secretion. When the lesions occur in the renal parenchyma, prostaglandin synthesis secretion decreased, while the extreme increase of renin secretion, imbalance between the two lead to elevated blood pressure.

Fourth, into the glomerular high perfusion state, resulting in decreased membrane filtration charge, so that the MA molecular weight increase in urine. At this point in the emergence of MA molecular weight in urine, can indicate early glomerular lesions.

Fifth, hypertensive nephropathy, protein, occult blood, creatinine, leakage of urea so that the damage of the real part of the kidney, and all the indicators increased due to serious damage to the real part of the kidney, decreased renal function, caused by the accumulation of toxins.

Six, hypertension The incidence of renal damage and the severity of hypertension and duration was positively correlated. Other possible contributors include smoking, alcoholism, gender, race, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia, all of which interact to further aggravate kidney damage. Men are more prone to kidney damage than women.

Seven, hypertension can directly cause kidney damage, the so-called hypertensive nephropathy, including benign renal arteriosclerosis and malignant atherosclerosis. Benign renal arteriosclerosis is caused by long-term high blood pressure lead to renal arteriolar hyaline degeneration, causing renal ischemia, hypoxia, fibrosis, sclerosis, necrosis, followed by renal insufficiency, the ultimate development of uremia.

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