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What is the main basis for the benign renal arteriosclerosis

The occurrence of benign renal arteriosclerosis is positively correlated with the degree and duration of hypertension. General primary hypertension lasted 5 years to 10 years later, there may be mild to moderate renal arteriosclerosis, tubular and functional changes gradually emerged.

What is the main basis for the benign renal arteriosclerosis of hypertension?

① have a history of precise and persistent hypertension;

② the incidence of hypertension in the 25 to 45 years old, the duration of more than 10 years, the older the higher the incidence rate;

③ other organ damage associated with hypertension, such as: left ventricular hypertrophy, retinal vascular disease;

④ prominent clinical manifestations of tubulointerstitial damage, such as increased nocturia, urinary concentration decreased, some patients may be manifested as proteinuria and a small amount of red blood cells, a small number of manifestations of serum creatinine increased;

⑤ kidneys b ultrasound examination, narrowing the kidneys or two different sizes, the surface was uneven granular;

⑥ exclude cases of primary kidney disease associated with hypertension;

⑦ renal biopsy showed mainly renal arteriosclerosis pathological changes.

Primary hypertension causes kidney damage, usually based on the clinical first urine abnormalities, and then high blood pressure, to consider primary renal disease associated with hypertension; if the first occurrence of hypertension after urine abnormalities, the primary Hypertension caused by the possibility of kidney damage.

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