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Does long - term hypertension cause kidney disease ?

Kidney disease can be pided into a variety of common are due to kidney damage caused by chronic nephritis, uremia, etc., but also because of external disease caused by kidney disease, such as hypertensive kidney disease. Hypertension is not only an independent disease, but also one of the common symptoms of kidney disease. Usually the common symptoms of the elderly, but not on behalf of young people will not occur hypertensive nephropathy, if young people suddenly appear blood pressure continued to rise, be careful whether it is a problem with the kidneys. Should be promptly to the regular hospital for examination. In order to confirm the treatment.

Does long - term hypertension cause kidney disease ?

The course of hypertension nephropathy is slow, with the difference between primary and secondary. Essential hypertension is an independent disease with elevated blood pressure as the main clinical manifestation and the etiology is not clear. Secondary hypertension, also known as symptomatic hypertension, is the cause of this disease.

Hypertension is only one of the clinical manifestations of the disease, blood pressure can be temporary or persistent increase. Hypertension in renal disease mainly refers to secondary hypertension.

Etiology of Hypertension: Kidney damage in patients with nephropathy, secreting substances that lead to elevated blood pressure, hypertension symptoms. Hypertensive nephropathy increases muscle strength, myocardial oxygen consumption increases. In addition, the kidney itself is used to filter the body of toxins, while preventing proteins, blood cells and other substances from leaking out of blood vessels, and hypertension makes the blood pressure within the blood vessels can make the protein leaks, once the protein leak will damage the renal filter system to form Vicious cycle. The longer the duration of the hypertension persists , the more difficult it is to reverse the damage , and the kidney will grow up until early failure .

Due to the limited medical knowledge and lack of knowledge about hypertension nephropathy, the incidence of hypertensive renal impairment is positively correlated with the severity and duration of hypertension. Other possible contributors include gender, race, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia, and most patients with hypertensive nephropathy have mild, permanent renal impairment and abnormal urinalysis. These factors interact with each other and further aggravate kidney damage.

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