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How about renal atrophy caused by Hypertension?

The main reason for renal atrophy is caused by the reduction of effective renal plasma flow, Western medicine does not have a special method, also think that it is not possible to increase renal atrophy, including renal function injury like this patient, the best and most effective is that taking Chinese medicine may be kidney injury and renal atrophy repair and enlargement.

How about renal atrophy caused by Hypertension?

Chinese medicine is used to resist inflammation, anti-allergic reaction, anti-glomerular degeneration and fibrosis, to prevent glomerular hyperplasia and exudation, to promote fibrinolysis, to reduce platelet aggregation, to increase glomerular filtration rate, and to improve the permeability of glomerular capillaries. Increase renal blood flow, so that the damaged renal function repair.

After a large number of examples confirmed that through the use of traditional Chinese medicine can make mild and moderate renal damage can be repaired, severe renal damage can be repaired to mild to moderate, by increasing the effective renal plasma flow, can make a part of kidney atrophy patient's kidney has varying degrees of enlargement, therefore can replace hemodialysis, with Chinese medicine increased patient's own disease resistance ability, each kind of bacteria virus infection probability has greatly reduced, is advantageous to the disease progress to recover quickly! Long-term effects are good for patients, low cost and less pain.

Taking the regular and perfect treatment plan, starting from the kidney, repairing the damaged kidney cells, the protein and occult blood will disappear naturally, the disease will be cured clinically, the progress of the disease will be prevented, and there will be no effect on the life and work in the future.

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