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How to nurse hypertensive nephropathy ?

  1.Hypertensive nephropathy patients should not bend over the desk reading ,because in this way can make the brain excessive tension ,which easily induce to high blood pressure .

  2.It is better to get up slowly .When waking up in the morning should not immediately get out of the bed ,should practice the head and upper limb in order to adopt the position change .

  3.Avoid forcibly defecate otherwise will have a serious risk of cerebral hemorrhage .

  4.The breakfast should be light ,such as one cup of milk or soybean milk 、one egg and a slice of bread .

  5.Dinner should be few ,with seventy percent full advisable ,not only eat cooked rice ,should match some soup or porridge .

  6.Insisting on morning exercise ,it is not better to have a fierce exercise .Slightly activity can contribute to relieve arterial tension .

  7.Taking a warm bath ,excessive hot or cold water will stimulate the skin sense organs ,causing vasomotion ,thus affecting blood pressure .

  8.Taking a nap at noon ,after lunch have a little activity ,and then take a nap ,it is advisable to half an hour to one hour .

  9.Don’t go to a crowded bus ,walk or ride a bicycle ,with loose environment .

  10.Have a low salt and low oil diet .

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