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How to prevent hypertensive nephropathy ?

  Once appeared high blood pressure should take medicine or other methods to control ,the blood pressure must keep in a stable condition .High blood pressure patients avoid the improper treatment cause hypertensive nephropathy .

  1.Giving up smoking and drinking .

  2.Have a balance diet ,the average daily salt intake had better control in 6g ,reduce urinary sodium excretion ,prevent and control high blood pressure .

  3.Lose weight ,reduce heat ,balance the diet ,increase sports ,BMI(body mass index) should keep in 20-40 ;reduce the risk for obesity induced hypertension

  4.Adjust the attitude ,relieve the pressure ,pay attention to combine with work and rest and rest ,especially patients who work on brain work should take part in some entertainments .

  5.Balance the diet 、reduce the intake of fat ,increase the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits as well as high calcium food (such as milk、beans and so on)which is not only helpful to keep weight ,control blood fat ,but also can supply potassium and calcium ,thus contributing to prevent and control the high blood pressure .

  6.Regular exercise .Hypertensive nephropathy patients should take some proper exercise according to their own healthy condition .

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