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How to distinguish renal high blood pressure ?

  High blood pressure is commonly seen in clinic .In general ,it can be divided into primary high blood pressure and secondary high blood pressure .Renal high blood pressure is one of the common secondary high blood pressure .When there is no obvious edema or not take urine test ,patients easy to think they suffer from primary high blood pressure .In treatment and prognosis aspects ,renal high blood pressure is different from primary high blood pressure ,so should distinguish them carefully .So how to distinguish renal high blood pressure and primary high blood pressure ?This needs to carefully check and ask for the medical history ,clear causal relationships ,make clear the sequence of the disease .Renal high blood pressure can be divided into renal materiality hypertension and renal vascular hypertension .When the medical history of renal materiality hypertension is not typical ,it is difficult to identify it with the primary hypertension .The following identification just for your reference .

  1.Renal materiality hypertension : These patients most have the medical history of kidney disease ,such as acute nephritis 、chronic nephritis 、nephrotic syndrome and chronic pyelonephritis .

  2.Primary high blood pressure : General is the older ,or have family history of essential hypertension ,first have high blood pressure ,and then have renal lesion ,such as proteinuria 、renal insufficiency and so on .

  3.Renal vascular hypertension: Commonly seen the patients who under 30 years old or more than 55 years old suddenly occur malignant hypertension or have the medical history of high blood pressure suddenly turn into malignant hypertension .Patients should also pay attention to whether the medical history have the waist injury 、lumbago or abdomen pain and stomachache .

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