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Dietary care for patient with hypertensive nephropathy

  1.Proper ingest the protein

  Protein is the essential nutrient in the human body ,but if the protein intake is too high will increase the burden of the kidney and aggravate the kidney damage ;if ingest insufficiency will affect the nutrition supplement of human body .Therefore ,patients should determine the protein intake according to the condition of the renal function :when there is no obvious renal function damage ,the intake of protein should control within 50g a day ;if occur abnormal serum creatinine and urea nitrogen ,the intake of protein should reduce to 20-40g a day .

  2.Control the supplement of heat

  The proper heat should be determined by the illness ,commonly in order to maintain the ideal weight as a standard .Due to these kinds of patients often have lipid metabolism disorders ,so reduce the intake of fat not only can control the heat ,but also can improve the metabolism disorders .

  3.Low salt and high vitamin diet

  Hypertensive nephropathy patients should control the intake of salt ,avoid salty foods ;eat less the foods which contain corrosion remover .Ingesting enough vitamin especially Group B vitamin ,which is beneficial to regulate the body metabolism ,when it is necessary take vitamin supplement .

  4.Change the eating habits

  Analyzing own eating habits under the doctor’s advice ,changing the bad eating habits ,limit some foods ,in this way can satisfy the nutrition requirement and improve the life quality .

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