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Can renal function insufficiency patients have tea

  Many patients with renal function insufficiency feel uncertain if they can have tea. There is a type of active material which contains caffeine in tea and it can make blood pressure rise and heartbeat quicken. It can also cause various of complications of heart system. So,sometimes it is not good for patients to drink tea.

  However,if renal function insufficiency patients have tea in a right way,it may be helpful to their health.

  Do not drink tea after meal immediately. Drink it half and hour of an hour later after meal. Do not have too much one time. Generally speaking,300ml to 400ml is enough. The water to make tea should be around ninety degrees centigrade. For this kind of water can not only break vitamin C in the tea but also preserve fragrance in it.

  Renal function insufficiency patients drink tea in a right way can cause a positive effect on their body health. So if patients want to drink tea,they muist notice these factors carefully and if you still have something need to know,talk with our experts online.

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