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The relationship between pregnant women and acute renal atro

  Many pregnant women can be given good nurse and they may go to hospital to receive physical test. However,there are still some diseases tend to be occurred on them. If ill,do not have medicine randomly. The better way is ask their doctors for help. Or they may have the possibility to get renal atrophy.

  In the death reasons of pregnant women,part of them are caused by acute renal atrophy. During gestation,they are more easy to get disease at the first and last three month,like hypertension of pregnancy,preeclampsia and eclampsia. Sometimes are caused by amniotic fluid embolism and massive haemorrhage.

  There are two types of renal atrophy,namely acute renal atrophy and chronic atrophy. The development of this disease is quick sometimes and the main reason is blood supply of kidneys is short(like trauma and burn),renal function hurt by various of reasons. The main reason of chronic renal atrophy is long-term renal lesion. As time going on,renal function decline gradually and renal atrophy occur.

  Edema,high blood pressure and proteinuria in gestation period are three dangerous signals and it will be more terrible if patients get these all at the same time. Once edema,high blood pressure and proteinuria become more and more serious,and little urine,renal function decline and acidosis occur,patients may have already get acute renal atrophy.

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