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Diet attentions for lupus nephritis patients

For patients with lupus nephritis, diet and treatment are indispensable. Treatment can make the patient to return to normal life as soon as possible, diet is conducive to the recovery of patients, to prevent recurrence of the disease. In addition, unreasonable diet will affect the treatment effect, increase the patient's condition.
1, lupus nephritis patients should first do a good quality protein diet. In patients with lupus nephritis, a large number of proteins are lost from the urine, which can cause hypoproteinemia, but due to the damage of renal function, we should not eat high protein food. Through the intake of adequate quality protein to supplement, such as milk, egg white, meat, fish and other protein rich foods, reduce the intake of vegetable protein.
2, to supplement the loss of calcium. Long term use of drugs, coupled with kidney damage, it is easy to lead to calcium loss, therefore, timely replenishment of calcium is very important, mainly eat more vitamin rich vegetables and fruits. Such as tomatoes, melon, pumpkin, apple etc..
3, do low salt diet. In patients with lupus nephritis, kidney damage, metabolic function disorder, if excessive intake of salt, it will increase the burden on the kidneys, resulting in water and sodium retention, increase the patient's condition, for an early resumption of normal life adverse.

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