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A good Diet for patient with Lupus Nephritis

First, patients with Lupus Nephritis should forbid greasy food, which contains much fat, because patients with Lupus Nephritis have lesion in the blood. In addition, the food should also be delicate and should not be too salty. If they take in too much salt, there will be too much water in the body, which leads to the retention of water. So the intake of salt should be less than 3 g per day.

Second, patients with Lupus Nephritis diet should forbid sea food such as fish, shrimps, crubs, and so on. All of these foods can lead to allergic reaction. In addition, beef and milk can also lead to the deterioration of condition. So the amount of them should also be limited. The intake of beef every week should be kept at 100 to 19g. The intake of milk every day should be under 100 to 159g.

Third, patients with Lupus Nephritis diet should control the intake of fat, especially food which is rich in fat such as pork, beef and mutton. They should also stop fried food. In addition, they should take in good quality protein, which mainly refers to animal protein, such as lean meat, and kinds of fish which has scale. What's more, according to the type of Lupus Nephritis and different symptoms in clinic such as edema and blood pressure, they should choose specific amount of salt.

For example, if patients with Lupus Nephritis are diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, the intake of salt every day should be kept at under 3g.

Last but not least, because patients with Lupus Nephritis diet use hormone and other medicine for a long time, they are easy to be in the insufficiency of vitamin B, C, D and so on. So they should also take in more vitamins from fresh vegetables and fruits

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