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How to treat lupus nephritis during the diet

How to treat lupus nephritis during the diet? Has been the most concerned about patients. Lupus nephritis nephropathy is always a long time, in addition to the patient failed to correct treatment, the diet is also one of the reasons. So lupus nephritis nephropathy patients should pay attention to diet control, then lupus nephritis patients with kidney disease how good?

High potassium food is the daily needs of patients to avoid eating as much as possible, because the early suffering of patients will have adverse effects, such as bananas, citrus, potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, tea, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, etc. are lupus nephritis nephropathy fasting of.

Lupus nephritis nephropathy in the usual diet to reduce the intake of salt, which can prevent the aggravated symptoms of edema, in daily life to limit the intake of protein food, less drinking water. Especially in patients with edema, should limit the amount of water and protein food intake, otherwise it is easy to bring very serious harm to patients. High blood lupus nephritis nephropathy patients in particular to eat animal offal, fish and crab clam, beer, mushrooms, beans, spinach.

We should be in the daily attention to light diet on patients with lupus nephritis nephropathy is important, so patients usually want to taboo seafood, beef, lamb, spicy spicy food, especially like spices, coffee, parsley, etc., but Yang Virtual lupus nephritis nephropathy diet is appropriate to use hot food, yang deficiency symptoms are pale white fur, pulse Shen, cold body cold, thin and so on.

To sum up, is the treatment of lupus nephritis how to diet during the introduction, if you do not go to a regular hospital for treatment, is likely to cause exacerbations of the disease results, thus increasing the difficulty of treatment and economic burden. So please be sure to pay attention to the job.

How to treat lupus nephritis during the diet

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