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How do patients with lupus nephritis regulate the body with

Lupus nephritis is one of the diseases of the kidney, it is the same as other kidney disease will be repeated, after investigation of lupus nephritis is recurrent and has a large part of the relationship in daily diet. So then we talk about how do patients with lupus nephritis regulate the body with food?

lupus nephritis regulate the body with food

First, increase the amount of protein intake

Patients with lupus nephritis will lose a lot of protein, and the body of protein will lead to the occurrence of proteinemia, so patients should add some high-quality protein.

Second, to avoid the intake of light-sensitive food

Lupus nephritis should try to avoid glare as much as possible, especially after eating a light-sensitive food, this will aggravate the condition. Sensitive food mainly celery, rape, figs and so on.

Third, the food is less salt

Eating too much salt will lead to edema, so patients with lupus nephritis as little as possible intake of salt.

Four, less intake of fat food

Patients with lupus nephritis due to lack of light, so less outdoor activities. And if the intake of too much fat foods easily lead to indigestion, it should be less intake.

Fifth, appropriate to add calcium

Calcium supplementation is to avoid osteoporosis, because lupus nephritis patients glucocorticoid can cause osteoporosis, so the food to strengthen the calcium tonic.

The above is the relevant introduction about lupus nephritis how do patients with lupus nephritis regulate the body with food, for reference only. Lupus nephritis patients in the diet should pay attention to professional doctors, so as not to improper diet, affecting the patient's treatment.  In patients with lupus nephritis, proper exercise and increased body immunity are helpful in the treatment of lupus nephritis.

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