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The preventions of lupus erythematosus

  Lupus erythematosus is the common disease in daily life ,which have a big effect on patients ,so when find the symptoms of lupus erythematosus ,patients should pay more attention to .

  Now let me tell you the preventions of lupus erythematosus

  1.The early dialysis and treatment of lupus nephritis is important ,which is directly related to the prognosis .In accurately determining the illness severity ,disease involving the viscera range ,on the basis of choosing the right treatment is extremely important .

  During the process of treatment should weigh the advantages and disadvantages ,correct assess the ratio of risk and effect ,can use Traditional Chinese Medicine adjuvant therapy which is effective than western medicine .This is one of the preventions of lupus erythematosus .

  2.Adjust the diet .Some foods can induce or aggravate the illness ,so patients should not eat ,such as pepper 、fresh ginger and other sour or spicy foods .Patients should also not eat dog meat 、beef 、sea food 、celery 、caraway and other foods .

  3.Eliminating all kinds of factors that can induce or aggravate lupus erythematosus .When go out should avoid solarization ,avoid touching the toxic substances (such as tint),eat less or not eat sour or spicy food .In addition ,patients should keep healthy ,avoid all kinds of operations ,female patients should avoid oral contraceptive .Some drugs also can induce or aggravate lupus erythematosus ,such as isoniazide 、anticonvulsive drugs and so on .

  4.Patients with lupus erythematosus should strengthen exercise and have a good rest ,serious patients should lie in bed ,after the illness stable patients can take some proper exercise .Don’t choose fierce exercise ,can practice jogging 、free combat 、tai chi and so on .

  5.lupus erythematosus is a immune disease ,which is closely related to patient’s health condition and emotion .So patients should keep a good attitude ,build up the confidence of fighting the disease which is important to build up immune balance and keep the illness stable .

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