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The damage of hydronephrosis

  1.Renal atrophy .It is the main damage of hydronephrosis ,due to the ejection of the urine get obstructed ,pelvis enlarged ,kidney internal pressure increased ,kidney tissue vascular compression ,thus causing renal ischemia progressive atrophy 、destruction ,impaired renal function .When the slight hydronephrosis remove obstruction ,the renal pelvis shape can be recovered ,while the serious hydronephrosis ,the atrophic kidney tissue is difficult to repair .

  2.Urinary infection.Due to urine sluggish stop in the kidney and ureter ,which is good for bacteria grow ,and will occur pyelonephritis 、ureteritis 、cystitis or kidney inflammation and so on .

  3.Stone formation .Stone blocking urethra and complicated with hydronephrosis ,while hydronephrosis will induce the formation of stones .Infectious flora 、pyocyte and tissue necrosis falls off become the heart of the stone formation ,especially within the urinary infection slat crystal precipitation accumulation into stone .

  4.Large hydronephrosis .Due to the renal parenchyma is very thin ,kidney internal tension is too big ,so it is easily to cause traumatic rupture or spontaneous tension fracture ,and will accompany with acute peritonitis ,serious threaten to patient’s life .

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