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What are the precautions of regular lupus erythematosus refe

Systemic lupus erythematosus is a complex systemic immune disease that causes damage to many organs, such as the skin, kidneys, and heart of a patient. Outbreaks of disease can cause acute renal failure, lupus encephalitis, and other life-threatening diseases. The disease is not yet cured, requiring long-term treatment of patients, regular follow-up examination to control the development of the disease. What are the precautions when lupus patient referral?

What are the precautions of regular lupus erythematosus referral?

Treatment of diseases require the use of immunosuppressive agents and hormones, different types of patients with different doses and doses are different, the need for regular follow-up observation of the results to timely adjustment of treatment options.

Immunosuppressive agents cause liver and kidney damage, and some patients also experience side effects such as gastrointestinal upset. Depending on the severity of the adverse reaction, the doctor may communicate with the patient if dressing changes are required.

If the disease control is stable, doctors will consider reducing the amount of drugs. For the first time to find a doctor lupus patients need to bring together all the inspection information before, such as hematuria routine, immunological tests, hepatitis TB check, etc., if the various types of tests were recently checked in the hospital, you do not have to repeat the test . When the doctor will pay attention to the clinical symptoms of patients, such as hair loss, joint swelling and pain, whether a spontaneous abortion occurred, the fetal stop is also a doctor is very concerned about the content, used to determine whether patients with lupus simultaneously with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome.

The doctor will make a judgment on the condition according to the patient's description and the previous check index.

At the start of treatment, patients need two weeks to follow up to see if there is any side effect of the regimen. Followed by a month after the visit, each need to do routine urine, blood, check whether the drug damage the liver, kidneys, hematopoietic system, urine routine can also monitor patients with lupus nephritis.

Every 3-6 months, patients need to do an immunological examination, such as immune 7, autoantibodies and other monitoring of the development of lupus erythematosus disease, ds-DNA antibody titers decline, complement C3 value represents the disease tends to Better.

However, the patient does not have to over-tighten the immune index, sometimes the immune index is abnormal, but the patient does not have any symptoms and organ involvement, and we do not need special treatment.

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